Boston Irish and BU

A recent visit to a great Boston University class with a lovely mention for The Lepers of Baile Baiste. The New York Times Review was fine, but it still missed how really good that production was – yeehaaa.


The Accident – A Live Action Short

The Compass Rose – An Upcoming Production

The Compass Rose will have its New England Premiere at Newton Nomadic Theater in September 2015.

Here’s a taster of what to expect

And here’s where you can buy it




El Ateo_RonanNoone

MRDW Producciones

The Story: The Atheist

Augustine Early, a crooked journalist, has made an art of clawing his way up the professional ladder. When he turns a politician’s tawdry predilections into front-page news, the scandal threatens to undo the one person he thought was immune. A searing and hilarious play about the perfect headline, whatever the cost.