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The Story: The Atheist

Augustine Early, a crooked journalist, has made an art of clawing his way up the professional ladder. When he turns a politician’s tawdry predilections into front-page news, the scandal threatens to undo the one person he thought was immune. A searing and hilarious play about the perfect headline, whatever the cost.

Scenes from an Adultery



The Story: Scenes from an Adultery

Tony and Gasper are best friends. Gasper comes over for dinner and tells Tony he saw the wife of their close friend, Dean with a strange man and it looked quite suspicious. Should they tell Dean or not? Tony says it’s probably nothing and they shouldn’t tell him – and then all hell breaks loose.

Scenes from an Adultery is a comedy of manners, miscommunication and the boundaries of true love. Full length- 2M 1F


Huntington Theatre Company Interviews

Ronan Noone has been a central part of the Huntington’s family since 2003 when he was named to the very first cohort of Playwriting Fellows. Our audiences responded so warmly to Brendan, his play about an Irish immigrant finding his way in his adopted home of Boston, and I know they’ll feel the same about his latest work that intimately explores the longings of the secondary characters from one of the 20th century’s greatest dramas.
Peter DuBois
The Second Girl is the reason I began writing plays. It tells an immigrant American story about what it means to come to America and what America means to so many. It is a thrill to have this play go up in my hometown and at the Huntington Theatre Company, and it is tremendous to be working with Campbell Scott again.
Ronan Noone
I am thrilled to be working at the Huntington for a third time, especially in the new capacity as director of Ronan Noone’s compelling new drama The Second Girl. This is mature and subtle playwriting, and I can’t imagine a better theatrical environment in which to premiere it or a more perceptive audience with whom to experience it for the first time.
Campbell Scott

94: Let a character

94: Let a character form an opinion, see it from all sides and argue it when they can. It can be the best way for them to become well-developed souls on the page.