The Compass Rose Opening

September 21, 2015
Ronan Noone

The Compass Rose is opening on Friday 25th of September. CompassPoster-1 copy

I’ve redrafted the play and we are working it as an immersive piece of theatre.

The Newton Nomadic Theater is thrilled to be presenting the New England premier of Ronan Noone’s “The Compass Rose“, starring Steven O’Broin and Bree Louise, two fabulous actors performing for the first time with the Newton Nomadic Theater.  The play will be directed by Nomadic newcomer Thomas Kee who has something completely different in store for this production.

It’s wedding anniversary season in Newton – Each performance of Compass Rose will take place within the setting of a real world Newton couple’s fictional wedding anniversary party.  For their anniversary the couple has decided to round up their old friends and staff from their favorite bar on Martha’s Vineyard – The Compass Rose.   Each night’s performance will feature a cameo appearance by a different Newton couple.   What all these couples have in common are their memories of the Compass Rose.

As always with our nomadic theater, this will be a traveling production.  For this show we’ll be performing in a rug store, two living rooms, a library, a historic museum, and a pub.

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