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96: I didn’t get the grant

I didn’t get the grant I wanted and if I did it would mean I wouldn’t have had to teach as much so I wouldn’t have had to worry about the money I needed to keep things going, which, ultimately, means I won’t be able to write as much as I wanted. Money buys the time to have the space for silence. In that space you can focus and commit without interruption to the art.  Now I can wallow in my grant grief and curse the sky or I can shift my perception on that narrative and find time to write anyway.

95: It is difficult to commit

95: It is difficult to commit to writing. Admit it. Don’t wallow.  Don’t see it as failure. Change your perception of the hurdle, instead of a pen use the voice memo function on your phone to record a monologue or duologue for the play you intend to write. 1st: Find silence. 2nd: Think on any part of the theme that’s swelling inside you. 3rd: Imagine an audience in front of you.  4th: Let Riff. 5th: Repeat your riff, improvize, spit, whisper, shout, be indignant, empathize, seek connection until you hear something that clicks. 6th: Don’t expect it to be word for word let it change every time. 7th: Press record and GO. 8th: After – don’t listen to it yet. It doesn’t need correction or critique. 9th: Accept that you have begun your work.

94: Let a character

94: Let a character form an opinion, see it from all sides and argue it when they can. It can be the best way for them to become well-developed souls on the page.

93: A little

93: A little arrogance is no bad thing in this business. It braces you for the slings and arrows.